19 new trade counter/
industrial/warehouse units
3,627 – 26,564 sq ft

Sizes & Specification

Site Plan

Unit Sizes
(units can be combined)

Ground Floor: 4,682 sq ft

First Floor:

Total: 4,682 sq ft

Ground Floor: 3,950 sq ft

First Floor:

Total: 3,950 sq ft

Ground Floor: 3,627 sq ft

First Floor:

Total: 3,627 sq ft

Ground Floor: 4,929 sq ft

First Floor:

Total: 4,929 sq ft

Ground Floor: 4,262 sq ft

First Floor:

Total: 4,262 sq ft

Ground Floor: 4,262 sq ft

First Floor:

Total: 4,262 sq ft

Ground Floor: 4,004 sq ft

First Floor: 1,323 sq ft

Total: 5,327sq ft

Ground Floor: 3,412 sq ft

First Floor: 1,130 sq ft

Total: 4,542 sq ft

Ground Floor: 3,487 sq ft

First Floor: 1,151 sq ft

Total: 4,638 sq ft

Ground Floor: 5,220 sq ft

First Floor: 1,410 sq ft

Total: 6,630 sq ft

Ground Floor: 5,231 sq ft

First Floor: 1,420 sq ft

Total: 6,651 sq ft

Ground Floor: 6,824 sq ft

First Floor: 1,689 sq ft

Total: 8,513 sq ft

Ground Floor: 6,038 sq ft

First Floor: 1,496 sq ft

Total: 7,534 sq ft

Ground Floor: 5,737 sq ft

First Floor: 1,432 sq ft

Total: 7,169 sq ft

Ground Floor: 6,113 sq ft

First Floor: 1,808 sq ft

Total: 7,921 sq ft

Ground Floor: 6,264 sq ft

First Floor: 1,679 sq ft

Total: 7,943 sq ft

Ground Floor: 6,705 sq ft

First Floor: 1,808 sq ft

Total: 8,513 sq ft

Ground Floor: 13,906 sq ft

First Floor: 1,937 sq ft

Total: 15,8433 sq ft

Ground Floor: 23,088 sq ft

First Floor: 3,476 sq ft

Total: 26,564 sq ft

Colwick Gateway is on the well-established Colwick Industrial Estate offering flexible trade, industrial and warehouse units to meet the demands of companies, employees and customers, available on a leasehold basis. The units are finished to a shell specification for occupiers to undertake their own fit out to suit their specific occupational needs.

The development consists of 19 units – 6 trade counter and 13 industrial/warehouse all differing in size to meet the needs of a wide range of businesses and operations. Starting at 3,627 sq ft and rising up to 26,564.

For more information about the size and specification of the units available, see below.



  • 6.5 – 8.5m minimum clear internal height
  • Fully fitted offices units 7-19
  • 37.5kN per sq m floor loading
  • Electric loading doors
  • Ability to combine units
  • Lifts to units 12, 15, 17, 18 & 19
  • Raised floor unit 19
  • Landscaped environment
  • Roadside frontage units 1-6 (trade)
  • 24/7 access available
  • Private gated yards
  • Generous parking facilities
  • Electric car charging points
  • 12 year collateral warranty available

Planning use

E(g) (formerly B1c), B2 and B8 (industrial and warehouse) uses.


Site Plan

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Floor Plan

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